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Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Human Resources & Leadership Flood, Hydrology & Hydraulics
Civil & Environmental Engineering Legal Issues & Risk Management Water, Wastewater & Stormwater
Electrical & Computer Engineering Life Safety and Building Codes HVAC, Plumbing & Fire Protection
Geotechnical Engineering Historical Architecture and Engineering Pumps, Valves & Piping Systems
Material Science & Engineering AIA/CES Registered Courses* Computer & Software Application
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Florida Approved Courses for PE ** Control System and Instrumentation
Pharmaceutical & Biotech Engineering Indiana Approved Courses for PE ** Engineering & Environmental Geology
Power Systems & Nuclear Engineering Maryland Approved Courses for PE & LS ABIH Approved Courses for CM Points
Structural Engineering New Jersey Approved Courses for PE ** Landscape Architecture
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* AIA/CES Registered Courses are acceptable to American Institute of Architects and to all State Boards for Registered Architects (RA).
** Professional engineers in Florida, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey and New York are required to take courses through approved providers only.
*** New York PE/LS must complete 18/16 hours through live interactive courses in each renewal cycle through approved providers only.
**** State-specific courses for land surveyors are listed under Surveying & Mapping category.
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C599 Selecting a Lot and Siting the Building 1 $15 Buy Now Quiz
F101 Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment 1 $15 Buy Now Quiz
G190 Overview of the ISO System 1 $15 Buy Now Quiz
G214 An Office Building Occupant's Guide to Indoor Air Quality 1 $15 Buy Now Quiz
M154 Thermal Stress and Thermal Shock of Materials 1 $15 Buy Now Quiz
P182 Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals 1 $15 Buy Now Quiz
S132 Slab-on-Grade Reinforcing Design 1 $15 Buy Now Quiz
S103 Basement Wall Repair Using Grip-Tite Wall Anchors 1 $15 Buy Now Quiz
G278W LEED Rating System (Live Webinar)PE, RA
Next Web Session: Monday, June 23, 2014, 12:00 PM-1:00 PM, ET
1 $50 Buy Now Quiz
X131 Payment for Special Arrangement 4 $20 Buy Now Quiz
C129 Water Supply: Water Storage 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
C421 Introduction to Roller-Compacted Concrete 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
C514 Building Materials - Concrete 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
E421 Electric Vehicles 101 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
E435 A Guide to Electric Vehicles 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
G114 Board Rules for Practicing Engineering 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
G115 Board Rules for Practicing Land Surveying 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
G133 Intellectual Property Issues for Architects, Engineers & Surveyors 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
G140 Georgia Board's Rules for Practicing Engineering 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
G141 Georgia Board's Rules for Practicing Land Surveying 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
G148 North Carolina Board Rules for Practicing Engineering 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
G149 North Carolina Board Rules for Practicing Land Surveying 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
G178 How Engineers Can Reduce Vehicle Emissions 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
G182 Tips on Saving Energy and MoneyAIA HSW 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
G450 Recent Advances in Technology 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
P198 Three Secrets of the One Minute Manager 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
P215 Barriers and Gateways to Communication 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
R301 Texas Board Rules for Professional Engineers 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
S101 An Overview of Cold-Formed Steel Structures 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
E112 Electrical Design - Lightning and Static Electricity Protection 2 $39 Buy Now Quiz
E145 Software Engineering Concepts 2 $39 Buy Now Quiz
G356W OSHA Safety Requirements for Construction (Part 1) (Live Webinar)PE & RA, ABIH CM APPROVAL #11-3814
Next Web Session: Wed., July 30, 2014, 8:30 AM-10:20 AM, ET
2 $110 Buy Now Quiz
M106 Identifying Risk Factors In Machinery 2 $39 Buy Now Quiz
M198 Compressible Flow Modeling in a Constant Area Duct 2 $39 Buy Now Quiz
P109 Strategies for Managing Retail or Other Short Cycle Design Programs 2 $39 Buy Now Quiz
S114 Introduction to Steel Utility Poles 2 $39 Buy Now Quiz
E101 OSHA 3075 - Controlling Electrical HazardsABIH CM APPROVAL #07-1662 3 $55 Buy Now Quiz
S122 Design of Short Span Steel Bridges 3 $55 Buy Now Quiz
G160 Maximum Likelihood & Gauss-Markov Parameter Estimation 3 $39 Buy Now Quiz
G191 Concept of Building Information Modeling 3 $69 Buy Now Quiz
C294 Vapor Intrusion - ASTM E2600 OverviewABIH CM APPROVAL #08-1821 3 $69 Buy Now Quiz
G175 Earthquakes: Basic Principles 3 $69 Buy Now Quiz
G207 Tsunamis: Basic Principles 3 $69 Buy Now Quiz
L116 GPS: Theory, Practice and Applications 3 $69 Buy Now Quiz
P122 Professional Liability 3 $69 Buy Now Quiz
P123 Quality Assurance 3 $69 Buy Now Quiz
P132 Managing Project Cost, Revenue and Profit 3 $69 Buy Now Quiz
C101 What Do Engineers and Architects Need to Know about the Finite Element Method? 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
C130 Water Supply: Water Distribution 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
C201 Stormwater Drainage Design for Parking Lots 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
C600 Coastal Building Construction Requirements 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
E138 Automatic Control Systems - Part I: Block Diagrams and Transfer Functions 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
E165 Overview of Electrical Engineering for School Design 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
E192 Loadbreaking and the Bazooms Curve 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
G183 Building Insulation Basics 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
G184 Green Building Guidelines 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
G188 Small Business Safety and Health Management 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
G193 Introduction to Green Buildings 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
G342 Introduction to GIS 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
G346 Volcanoes: Origin, Types and Eruptions 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
M201 Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial BuildingsABIH CM APPROVAL #07-1456 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
M471 Introduction to Finite Element Method 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
P213 Management Fundamentals in Construction Industry 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
S181 Cold-Formed Steel X-Brace Design 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
S266 Concrete as a Building Material 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
S272 Fundamentals of Finite Element Method 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
C101W What Do Engineers and Architects Need to Know about Finite Element Methods? (Live Webinar)PE & RA, AIA HSW
Next Web Session: Friday, July 25, 2014, 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM ET
4 $200 Buy Now Quiz
R311 Ohio Board Laws and Rules for Professional Engineers and Surveyors 4 $79 Buy Now Quiz
R321 Illinois Board Laws and Rules for Professional Engineers 4 $79 Buy Now Quiz
R331 Louisiana Board Laws and Rules for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors 4 $79 Buy Now Quiz
R401 New York Board Laws and Rules for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors 4 $79 Buy Now Quiz
R401W New York Board Laws and Rules for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (Live Webinar)PE & PLS
Next Web Session: Thur., July 24, 2014, 8:30AM-12:20PM, ET
4 $200 Buy Now Quiz
C115 Site Planning and Design 5 $95 Buy Now Quiz
G386 Introduction to Mathematica 5 $95 Buy Now Quiz
M105 Plumbing Systems 5 $95 Buy Now Quiz
M226 Psychrometric Chart Fundamentals and its application to HVAC Troubleshooting 5 $95 Buy Now Quiz
S112 Engineering Calculations Using Mathcad 5 $95 Buy Now Quiz
M114 Selected Topics in Mechanics of Materials 6 $115 Buy Now Quiz
C106 Design of Small Water SystemsABIH CM APPROVAL #11-3807 8 $145 Buy Now Quiz
C109 Conduits, Culverts and Pipes 8 $145 Buy Now Quiz
C186 Gravel Roads Design and Maintenance 8 $145 Buy Now Quiz
G101 ADA Standards for Accessible Design 8 $145 Buy Now Quiz
G138 ICC ANSI A117.1 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities 8 $145 Buy Now Quiz
G192W Introduction to Green Buildings (Live Webinar)PE & RA (AIA HSW), ABIH CM APPROVAL #11-3811
Next Web Session: Mon, July 28, 2014, 8:30 AM-5:00 PM, ET
8 $400 Buy Now Quiz
G212 LEED for New Construction & Major RenovationsABIH CM APPROVAL #11-3812 8 $145 Buy Now Quiz
G388 Introduction to Mathcad Prime 8 $145 Buy Now Quiz
M420 Engineering with Mathcad 8 $145 Buy Now Quiz
P166 Becoming an Effective Executive 8 $145 Buy Now Quiz
R402W Board Laws & Rules and Professional Ethics (Live Webinar)PE, PLS & RA; AIA HSW; ABIH CM APPROVAL #11-3821
Next Web Session: Tue, Aug. 12, 2014, 8:30AM-5:00PM, ET
8 $400 Buy Now Quiz
S161 AISC Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges 8 $145 Buy Now Quiz
C253 Rock Reinforcement 10 $185 Buy Now Quiz
G172 Safety and Health Requirements - Part 1 of 3ABIH CM APPROVAL #11-3163 10 $185 Buy Now Quiz
M153 Fundamentals of Material Science 10 $185 Buy Now Quiz
P167 Golden Principles of Human Relations for Licensed Professionals 10 $195 Buy Now Quiz
C152 Rock Foundations 12 $225 Buy Now Quiz
G446 Environmental Statistics with R: Simple Linear Regression 12 $249 Buy Now Quiz
P227 Fundamentals of Project Management 14 $265 Buy Now Quiz
C254 Slope Stability 15 $285 Buy Now Quiz
G185 Sustainable Design GuideABIH CM APPROVAL #11-3810 15 $285 Buy Now Quiz
G277 Facilities Design and Space Planning 15 $285 Buy Now Quiz
M396 Mechanics of Materials 15 $285 Buy Now Quiz
P184 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 15 $285 Buy Now Quiz
P186 In Search of Excellence 15 $285 Buy Now Quiz
S182 Wood as an Engineering Material - Part I 15 $285 Buy Now Quiz
P117 Project Management Made EasyAIA 16 $299 Buy Now Quiz
C242W On-Site Wastewater Treatment (2-Day Live Webinar)PE, ABIH CM APPROVAL #11-3809
Next Web Session: Thur. & Fri, 9/4 & 9/5, 2014, 8:30AM- 4:00 PM, ET
15 $750 Buy Now Quiz
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